Being your wedding photographer is a huge responsibility. Every Wedding Report is a personal challenge where I must achieve my best as a photographer, and that includes you too. Each wedding that I photograph further defines my photographic style, which is SPONTANEITY for excellence.

Your big day must produce a story to be told. The process must be magical, establishing a connection between you and your guests for a perfect result that can be kept - true to life - in striking, unique and fresh photographs.

Another prime factor is the connection between the two of you. It is the only way to achieve the spontaneity I am emphasizing and it is a vital ingredient for the success of your photographic report. It also generates the synergy which allows us to be calm and comfortable during photo shoots: meaning that you’ll have a great time too.

My sincere intention is to establish a relationship that goes beyond the merely professional. Being your wedding photographer means that I will be the person who will spend most time with you on such a special day – and that’s a real challenge. It’s one of the most passionate parts of my work, besides adding huge responsibility and making this work completely different to any other type of social photography.

Post-production also fascinates me, and I strive to constantly evolve in this area. Using different post-production techniques, the photo should be treated with great care and perfectionism when it comes to retouching. I like to use a lot of black-and-white and colours that are always in contrast, adding my personal “dramatic” style.

Your album will be treated with great care. Every photographic moment will be retouched to get the most out of it, giving it the right finish with a clear design so that, when they are all put together, they become a striking exhibition and not just a simple album. It will be your album! The main stars will be uniquely and exclusively the images. I do not work with super-imposed or decorated photos that overload the album and make it difficult to look at. I include space to allow the photos to breathe and, in this way, to assume the importance that each of them has.   

Your album should make every photograph stand out. Therefore, it is essential to create it slowly, dedicating whatever time is necessary to achieving excellence. In the end, this will be a faithful reflection of your day – with a unique style, finish and touch

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